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What to Wear

While it is true I want to be able to depict the true personality and individuality of the subject, there are a few guidelines that should be followed in order to achieve a timeless image that will span generations. Clothing dictates the ‘attitude’ and style of the image, thus if undecided on how you envisage your portrait a variety of clothing should be selected, one towards a formal side while the other casual.


  • If it’s a group photograph, everyone should wear a similar style of clothing. At the very least, make sure that there is not a mixture of formal and informal.
  • Sleeveless tops exaggerate the upper part of the arms making them look fleshy except on the most toned of arms. Therefore avoid sleeveless tops whenever possible. Wearing long sleeves of any kind is a definite plus.
  • For photographs in a studio setting, it is best to select dark-color clothing.
  • Out-door location shots can look dramatic with bright bold colors but avoid busy patterns or horizontal stripes.
  • Casual/informal clothes should avoid logos and be simple so as not to date the image
  • Jewelry is an expression of a person and can be used to define the individuality of the subject both in formal and casual attire. However, please remove the wrist watch as this again will literally time and date the photograph!