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The Company Philosophy


The company name, Captured in Time, was thoughtfully derived evoking the sensation of freezing a specific action, emotion, image or moment for the appeal of sharing with future generations. The Captured in Time logo, encompasses my vision of the world around us as I ‘See It’; through the camera lens. When shooting people or animals I focus on the eyes, for through them, we ‘travel into the photograph and to the very heart of the story. In such instances a picture revealing the eyes can replace a book full of words. Thus CIT endeavors to bring to the surface the story that is being told from within the person.

All too often photographers get so caught up in the technicality of the image they lose sight of what they are trying to capture, whether it’s the character of a person, the split second freezing of action or the wondrous colors of nature in natural light. Yes, one needs to know the basic fundamentals behind correct exposures and set-ups, but one must be far more aware and in tune with the subject being photographed.

Art, like photography, is dynamic, fluid and open to interpretation. New art is being created daily by ‘breaking’ the conventional rules….thus one can argue there are no rules, only what is pleasing to the eye. CIT uses this philosophy to listen thoroughly to the client as to what they ultimately require and wish to convey in the image produced. I work with clients’ needs, offering only suggestions as to how it may be enhanced. By thoroughly understanding these specific requirements, I aim to establish a lifelong rapport and cater for every photographic need as it materializes. Nothing can freeze time and allow it to be cherished quite like a photograph. If it touches your heart or stirs emotions within then it is a wonderful thing to own and a thoughtful gift to give to others that will last forever.