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“I honestly love working with steve, the environment is fun, relaxing and very professional. He’s very nice and knows how to capture the mutual image we both want the result of. Love it.”

Haley R.


“Steve is very great to work with! One of the most comfortable photographers I’d ever shot with before. He is a new photographer and I have seen his work since he started. He has a lot of knowledge, and I recommend him for anyone.”

Ana G.


“hold for tographer to work with. The shoot itself was memorable and a lot of fun! Couldn’t be happier with his photography and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for great photos and a great experience.”

Kinberly D.


My boyfriend and I were about to go into a long distance relationship and as a present I received a poster size picture of him that he had gotten professionally done. I was very impressed with the way it came out; the poster was exactly what I needed to remember him by while being away. CIT really did capture his personality and did a beautiful job with the posing. I knew my boyfriend must’ve been really comfortable around the photographer because he usually doesn’t take pictures well, but this poster turned out amazingly well. I was very pleased with the end result and now we would love to return to get my photograph done as well!

Stacey T. Las Vegas


I had the chance to work with Steve on several headshots, but I was a bit nervous because I had never had a professional photographer take photos of me. Steve was very easy to work with, and captured the look and feel of what I was trying to go for, and those shots are now what I use for all of my professional work. Quick, easy, simple, effective, and great results.

Ken M. Reno


When informed at the last minute of an upcoming audition that required recent headshots, I turned to Captured in Time photography. They were quick to accommodate and work with my busy schedule without asking any questions. The photographer, Steve, was both professional and friendly, allowing me to pose comfortably and express genuine emotion in all my shots. When I received my selected photographs, the quality of the prints far exceeded the expectations that I had set having given him such short notice. The experience was enjoyable, and Captured in Time Photography has rightfully earned themselves this loyal customer.

Ric T. Reno