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Originally from England, I moved to Reno in 1995 and fell in love with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Like most photographers I first became captivated with taking pictures as a child. I remember looking through National Geographic magazines in the library and being mesmerized by the stunning images that lay before me. After saving for several years I bought my first 35 mm SLR camera; I was fourteen years old. Fortunately for me, the janitor at my local school was a semi-professional photographer and took me under his ‘wing’. With his guidance I learned Black & White developing and the art of turning a snap shot into a memorable photograph. He would have me venture out into a seemingly plain field and shoot a whole roll of film while opening my eyes to being at one with nature. It was during that innocent and influential age I became aware of the world around me through the camera lens.

My ambition at that time; however, was elsewhere – my dream was to become a pilot and fly for the Royal Air Force, which I subsequently accomplished. By the time I was twenty one I had been round the world twice, had seen some breathtaking sites and met some amazing people. However, I had nothing to share with others- to relive my journey. It all seemed pretty meaningless, almost empty, as I never took a camera with me. Today, as events in my life unfold, I have once again sought the soulful reflection and inner tranquility that I experienced all those years back as a teenager. Encouraged by friends’ reactions I quickly proved I had the insight and personality to photograph portraits of varying kinds- something that has now become a personal passion of mine. You will see from my portfolio that I do not limit myself to a set ‘Photographic field’ but rather diversify and apply myself over a broad spectrum. I enjoy rising to the challenge of photographing something new. My training as a professional pilot for 27 years has taught me to research and prepare thoroughly before committing to the task in hand. By diversifying and learning many different facets of photography I can bring a fresh and unique approach in capturing the subject.