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15th of May 2018 07:25 AM Link
A P-51A model [former Polar Bear], was kept out on the ramp until sunset and I was able to get this shot. Reno Air Race, 2017
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11th of May 2018 10:23 PM Link
A break from work and a walk around a Phoenix park yielded this sunset shot. Taken with my little travel companion, the Sony A 6000 with a Carl Zeiss 16-70 lens.
Location; Phoenix AZ
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8th of May 2018 10:23 PM Link
A collection of images getting back to my first true love and passion
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18th of February 2018 10:17 PM Link
Another one from the studi shoot with Madi. Although primarily a 'High-key' lighting shoot I went down to one light right at the end to give a few images with some 'feel & atmosphere' .
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17th of January 2018 06:12 PM Link
One from the Studio Shoot with Madi
Model: Madi Smith
Location: NW Reno
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15th of January 2018 09:09 PM Link
Most of the shoot I did with Madi was hi-key model/ fashion lighting set-up and theme. However, right at the end I thought it would be fun to go down to one light and go for a 'Renaissance' painting feel but with today's clothing!
Model: Madi Smith
Location: NW Reno
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6th of January 2018 10:33 PM Link
A B&W image of a high-key lighting studio shoot with Madi Smith
Model: Madi Smith
Location; NW Reno
Lighting: CIT Photography
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2nd of December 2017 02:48 AM Link
An informal Fall shoot with the very stylish Maria
Model: Maria Elena Landau
Location: S Reno — with Maria Elena Landau.
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2nd of December 2017 02:35 AM Link
Some fall images from a little informal get together with a couple of local RAPCO Models. Kicking off the session off with Nikki
Model: Nikki Comer-Garcia
Location: S. Reno — with Nikki Comer-Garcia and Nikki Comer-Garcia.
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26th of October 2017 07:30 PM Link
An image from the mini photo-shoot I did with Lacey a few weeks back. It was great to do an on location shoot again after all the studio work and even more enjoyable picking up my camera again after laying dormant for 7 months. Even though the sun dropped behind a hill faster than I was expecting and caused us not to get some images that I had in mind; We still managed to capture some great shots.
Model: Lacey Whittaker
Location: Reno, NV
Photography: Captured In Time Photography
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3rd of June 2017 08:48 PM Link
Another image from the 'head-shot' shoot with Brian Williams.
Model: Brian Williams
Location: 'TS- 70' Reno
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29th of May 2017 06:31 AM Link
A head-shot taken during a shoot with Brenna in the 'TS-70' studio in Reno.
Model: Brenna Payton
H&M: Brenna
Location: TS-70
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2nd of May 2017 10:17 PM Link
Another one for the ladies. Brian Williams striking a pose whilst I was playing with lights for the male model.
Model: Brian Williams
Location: 'The Studio-70', Reno
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28th of April 2017 03:22 PM Link
Malaina Payton [Track & Field College student] doing a great job as a sportswear model. I really love the strength, determination and form portrayed in this image.
Model: Malaina Payton
Location: 'The Studio- 70', Reno
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6th of April 2017 04:27 PM Link
From a shoot with Brian Williams when we were playing around with lighting on a male model.
Model: Brian Williams
Location: 'TS-70', Reno
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12th of March 2017 10:14 AM Link
Track & Field College student Malaina
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22nd of February 2017 12:59 PM Link
I did the photo shoot with the two sisters, Malaina & Brenna. You have seen Malaina, now here is Brenna doing her solo model shoot!
Model: Brenna
MUA: Brenna
Location: "The Studio-70"
Photography & Lighting: CIT
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4th of February 2017 08:39 AM Link
From a recent sister portrait shoot. This is Malaina on her individual shoot. Who said portrait and head-shots have to be boring!
Portrait/model: Malaina
Location: "TS-70", Reno
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1st of February 2017 03:31 PM Link
A head-shot session with Felicia, this time in front of the camera taken at the studio.
Model: Felicia

Location: "TS-70
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17th of January 2017 04:43 PM Link
Head-shots do not have to be formal and boring, they can be as relaxed and casual as you want them as demonstrated by Felicia Imelli for once on the OTHER side of the camera! This was a lot of fun. If you would like YOUR head-shot taken, formal or casual, then send me a message.
Model: Felicia Imelli
MUA: Felicia
Location: 'The Studio'
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